What is Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Is it Right For You

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    Cyclical ketogenic diet is a form of Keto Diet directed towards the inclusion of high or moderate carbohydrate consumption from time to time along with your normal low carbohydrate diet. The formulation of this diet enables weight loss while still providing your body with enough energy to perform energy intensive tasks. Maintaining an effective cyclical diet can be quite challenging because of the involvement of intermittent spikes in carbohydrate consumption. You need to carefully keep track of how many grams of carbohydrates you consume during the high carbohydrate spike sessions. This is because if you are reckless during this high protein session you will mess up with your ketosis process.

    Which is better between ketogenic diet and cyclical ketogenic diet?

    This particular question has left many Keto diet fans in dilemma. The truth is that there is no particularly better diet between these two diets. It comes down to your particular dieting objective and your body’s daily energy requirements. Let’s take a deep look at these two factors.

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    Your Dieting Objective

    If you are on a Keto Diet, your biggest driver might have been to lose extra weightCyclical Keto Diet or maintain your current perfect weight. Therefore, if this is your only objective all the ketogenic diets will work just fine for you. It will not matter if it is cyclical ketogenic diet or just a normal ketogenic diet; you are still going to achieve your objectives.

    Your Body’s Energy Needs

    If you are a body builder or you do some manual work then your body needs a lot of energy. This is the energy you will be burning in the gym toning down your muscles. Despite this, you still need a ketogenic diet especially if you are a competitive body builder because other diets may start making you fat. In this case where you want to avoid gaining weight or keep losing weight while still providing your body with enough energy to burn during your session. The cyclical ketogenic diet will be the best for you. This is because the normal ketogenic diet is just meant for loosing or maintaining weight but not providing the body with excess energy it may need during tasks.

    Other Scenarios that Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Will Be Better Than Normal Ketogenic Diet

    Apart from body builders, a cyclical ketogenic diet stands out over normal ketogenic diet in a couple of other scenarios. These scenarios are:

    When you are combining both dieting and exercises to effectively lose weight. Generally the longer and more intense your exercising sessions are, the more calories you are bound to burn. This requires more energy than can be found in any other form of ketogenic diet or normal ketogenic diet itself. Here cyclical ketogenic diet will be good for you.

    Competitive athletes always need a lot of energy to train and actually play on game day. If these sportspersons are on a normal ketogenic diet then it would mean they won’t have enough energy to train and play. Cyclical ketogenic diet will come in hand here.

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    Advantages of Cyclical Ketogenic diet

    There are several advantages that are specifically bound to cyclical ketogenic dietCyclical Ketogenic Diet and you can’t find them on any other diet. These include:

    Periodic carb loads associated with this diet promote a more intense burning of calories. This is made possible by a thermo genic effect that is associated with carb loads during a ketogenic period. With more calories burnt, you are bound to lose more weight than you would normally burn on a purely ketogenic diet.

    Periodic carb loads from this diet will replenish your muscle mass that would have been diminishing as an effect of a purely ketogenic diet. A spike in carbs in your body initiates a powerful anabolic effect that acts to replenish your muscle mass through protein synthesis.

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    A cyclical ketogenic diet gives you a chance to enjoy the foods you may have been missing by sticking to a purely ketogenic diet. This generally makes it easier for you to stick to a ketogenic diet without going astray and messing up with your ketosis. Generally, this is the Keto Diet to go for if you don’t want to forever miss the nice foods not found in a purely ketogenic diet.

    With this in mind I hope it will be easier for you to make an informed choice between a purely ketogenic diet and a cyclical ketogenic diet.

    Here is a quick video on adding carbs to the Keto diet:

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