Is the Keto Diet Safe and Healthy?

    is keto safe

    The ketogenic diet is currently a new twist on extreme weight loss in the U.S. including other parts of the world. Although it has been prescribed to patients for close to a century, some of the top dieticians today increasingly believe that it holds the promise for most people with health and weight loss issues. So as expected, everyone is starting to ask, is the Ketogenic lifestyle healthy?

    Is Keto Diet Safe?

    The ketogenic diet has been a life-changer to many people starting from its inception. Created by Dr. Giafranco Capello, an associate professor of surgery at the Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, keto has had great success among most of its users. Mainly because anyone can follow the diet and with a bit of effort and preparation it would work for those struggling with weight issues.

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    Some people may claim that the brain relies on glucose to run and a keto diet would be a is keto diet safebad idea. But truth be told, yes, the brain needs glucose but not in large amount – that’s about 30-50g in a day. Through a process known as gluconeogenesis, the human body has the capacity to synthesize this amount of glucose from the dietary protein; carbs don’t have to be in the picture for this to happen. Once your body becomes completely keto-adapted, the brain will receive up to 75% of its energy needs from ketones. While the remaining 25% is got from gluconeogenesis.


    As long as it’s followed properly, the ketogenic diet is a complete diet that is full of nutrition. What you need to know is that the diet plan can be executed in several ways provided the carbs are restricted and the protein limited. This enables the depletion of glycogen reserves in the body to the point where ketosis is triggered. The safest way to achieve this is by eating nutritious meals such as having fatty cuts of good meat, nuts, dairy, and most importantly plenty of greens and fibrous veggies. This is a healthy ketogenic list with the necessary nutrients to keep you going, and with quality meat, you get a cocktail richness such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

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    There are a few journals that claim that ketosis can further develop into a life-threatening condition known as ketoacidosis. In reality, this is physiologically impossible especially if your pancreas functions normally. The ketoacidosis link to keto diet is a total misconception by some few individuals with ill intentions to make money out of other plans. But unless the body cannot produce any insulin from the pancreas (as with type 1 diabetics, who need expert guidance on this), keto-acidosis risk is zero.

    Cardiovascular Disease

    Keto diet has also had a few cases of people questioning whether or not the diet raises is keto healthycholesterol levels which in some cases may lead to heart disease. The keto diet has no effect on cholesterol levels which is why we need to clear things out. Expert research shows that cholesterol levels have a slight correlation with heart disease. Actually, cholesterol is vital for our lives as it needs to be supplied to different parts to perform the useful functions. The body tightly controls the amount and this level is insignificantly affected by the foods we consume.


    Others may argue that ketogenic diet causes constipation since it lacks fiber. The actual answer here depends on what you decide to include in your diet plan. If you plan to stuff yourself with hotdogs, cheese, and margarine, then you’ll surely suffer constipation including a host of other effects. There is no diet out there that will bring positive results when you eat low-quality food. You have to get it right for the plan to effectively work for you. So if you’ve started your keto plan and experiencing issues to do with constipation, then you are probably not taking enough fat, fibrous vegetables, or water. And at times dehydration may lead to constipation.


    There several misconceptions about keto diet out there. But, despite these claims, judging by most who have properly put the plan into action, the ketogenic diet is relatively safe. The limited side effects are temporary and one notable benefit is its quick results. This by far is a huge encouragement to someone aiming to lose a significant amount of weight within a short time. It is a healthy weight-loss program that can motivate you even to go further. The diet is practical and the fact that it eliminates a food group makes it sufficiently easy to follow.

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